Jenny Bird

The inspiration behind the creation.


Wardrobe Stylist & Costume Designer

imagePhotography ALEX EVANS

She shares the same name as the Greek Goddess of Vice and was described by Emily Haines of Metric as her secret weapon. If those two things alone don’t make her one of the coolest people around; there’s no pleasing you. We caught up with the wardrobe stylist/costume designer in between shoots to find out a little more about her fascinating career and to step into her world, even if it’s for just a second (or 20 questions). 


Job: wardrobe stylist/costume designer.

Clients (past and present): actors and musicians.

Location: Toronto/NYC/LA

Song on repeat: Love is to Die, Warpaint.

Astro sign: Scorpio.

Americano or drip: Americano. 

Kale or cronut: Kale. 

Be invisible or fly: Be invisible. 


JB: If you could design for any musician, living of dead, who would it be?

AK: Dolly Parton, David Bowie or MIA

JB: Most inspiring city to live in?

AK: When I lived in Paris or NYC… Love both.

JB: What’s the most memorable piece you’ve ever made?

AK: Probably some of the old stage pieces I made for Emily Haines. Although lately, I’m pretty obsessed with my cropped leather Ka’kia motorcycle jacket (as if she’s not talented enough, she also designed her own eponymous label for two seasons).

image                                         Her current uniform.

JB: What does a normal day entail for you? Or are any days normal/routine? 

AK: Kangan water, coffee, emails, on set, in a fitting or shopping a job.

JB: We hear you take maybe one day off a month… Where is your favourite place to spend that day, and what do you do?

AK: It depends what city I’m in…but I’m usually with my sister and dogs. 

JB: You have so many interesting objects and vignettes in your home. What piece is the most important to you and makes you feel most at home?

AK: I love to hang vintage dresses I find from all over the world on my walls, seeing them inspires me. 



image                               Her sanctuary in downtown Toronto.

JB: What’s the weirdest vintage piece or material that you have ever re-invented?

AK: I knit chain; I’ve made dresses, vests, and necklaces, just by knitting. 

JB: What’s the oddest thing you always have in your bag?

AK: A dagger pendant & two healing crystals.

image            In her racks of vintage treasures and pieces she’s designed.

JB: What are your three favourite accessories you haven’t taken off in the last month?

AK: I live in my Ludevine body chain, 18 Waits necklaces, Jenny Bird moon bracelets, and Jenny Bird Byron Banting necklaces


JB: Who are your top three favourite fashion jewelry designers?

AK: Jenny Bird, Ludevine, 18 Waits.

JB: What’s your favourite piece coming out of the House of Jenny Bird this season?

AK: The moon series!!

JB: What are you doing after you finish answering these questions?

AK: Going back to set. 

Find her on Instagram:  @alana_kakia

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